The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Minnesota Avenue Revitalization Phase 2 project will continue the transformation of Minnesota Avenue corridor that started in Phase 1. Centered at the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road NE and continuing to the intersection with Sherriff Road, the project seeks to foster the corridor’s development into thriving and inviting neighborhood center.

The project was identified through the District of Columbia’s Great Streets Initiative. The Great Streets Initiative is a multi-agency program that strategically uses public investments to improve local quality of life and attract private investments to communities.

The project supports DDOT’s goal to improve livability standards throughout the city by making various safety and appearance improvements to its neighborhoods. These changes include enhanced pedestrian crossings, additional bus stops, improved access to transit, increased green spaces and updates to traffic signals and are all designed to better the lives of residents in the District. These changes, and others, will take place with the Minnesota Avenue Revitalization Project.